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What's New
  • That's right folks xptk is based on the new "Phoenix Toolkit". Back in November of 2002 when I started this project, I used the toolkit bundled w/ phoenix 0.5 as a starting point.
  • New <datepicker> widget submitted by Sandesh Karalkar
  • New <miniwindow> widget in the works
  • New module system contributed by Jim Massey
Welcome to XPTK.

This project is in support of a larger effort to bring development tools and infrastructure to application builders who choose to use Mozilla technologies as a solution for building cross platform client and remote applications.

XPTK stands for Cross Platform Tool Kit. This toolkit will start out by providing a simple set of widgets for application developers to use for their XP applications. By having a standard GUI toolkit as part of the infrastructure for Mozilla Application Development, the job of the application author will be greatly simplified.


The xptk project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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