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Splash Screen

XUL Buttons

These buttons when used in your application will remain the same, impervious and independent of any user theme changes.

XUL toolbarbuttons

These toolbarbuttons are simular to xul button elements except there is no focus frame style setting and by default are borderless until hover or active psudo modes are set by mouse events. Above, the "menu" toolbarbutton is showing borders because the mouse is over it.

XUL toolbars

Various toolbars inside a toolbox showing expanded and collapsed states.

XPTK miniwindow

Progress on <miniwindow> widget i'm working on.

XPTK miniwindow

Demonstrating different sizes

XPTK miniwindow

Showing one window as it is being moved

The xptk project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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